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We kick off  flower season with our Farm and Flower Festival on July 16th and 17th.
Come out and enjoy picking your own bouquet of flowers, shopping local vendors, and eating some amazing strawberry donuts from our concession stand at the festival.  We will also be open every weekend after opening weekend for flower and concession sales.  Check back for days and hours.

Things to know when visiting the farm:

Wear Appropriate Footwear

Mother nature is unpredictable.  It may be muddy or slippery in the flower field.


Since it is important to place flowers in water right after cutting, we will have water available.


Please bring a clean bucket or container for your flowers. We will have extra to purchase if needed. 


We will provide scissors for cutting your flowers.



We offer two price points for our You-Pick flowers.


$8  Whitetail Cup (24 oz cup)
The Whitetail cup is included in the price and is yours to keep and take home. We do not ask you to count stems while you are here. Just fill the cup up. (an average stem count per cup is 15 to 20 flowers)

$20 BOYB (Bring Your Own Bucket)
Bring your own container (up to a 5 gallon bucket). This option is perfect for the DIY flower lover providing flowers to fill vases for a bridal shower, baby shower, or birthday party.  It is also perfect for someone who just wants lots of flowers around your home or office. Fresh flowers are the perfect gift, and this option gives the opportunity to give lots of gifts. (Bucket is NOT included in the price) Approximately 40-50 stems will fit in a bucket.

We accept cash and credit card for our You-Pick flower sales.


We will also have Whitetail Tree Farm, local honey for sale during flower season.

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